Protect What’s Important to You With a New Roof

There’s nothing worse than discovering a serious leak in your roof… aside from finding that leak has led to serious damage to your home and the important and sentimental items inside it! Whether it’s holiday decorations from your parents or a photo album of a family vacation, many of us store these irreplaceable, important items in the attic.

When a storm damages your roof, it may be a long time before you notice the effect that damage can have on an attic, crawl space or even just your ceiling. Water can find its way through damaged shingles and start to drip onto items in your attic and mold can grow like wildfire in that kind of damp and dark space. All of this can spell disaster for things stored in your attic, from boxes of clothes to family photos and even furniture.

A leaky roof can even cause damage to your home itself. From roof joists to drywall, a leak can cause dangerous mold issues and even compromise the structural integrity of your home. So, to protect yourself, your home and your cherished personal items, make sure to monitor the condition of your roof!

If you notice damage, contact the Seashore team ASAP to get scheduled for a brand-new roof.