Let Seashore Construction help you design and build your outdoor living space. Whether its Composite or Capped Polymer, these styles of deck boards offer a great modern look that last longer than typical natural wood decking. Both are virtually maintenance free, extremely strong and will not splinter or rot, and comes in a wide variety of natural looking colors and styles.

We recommend and install products from these top manufacturers

TimberTech Azek Logo

TimberTech AZEK® Decking

Capped PVC decking designed for unrivaled high-performance and beauty.

Steadfast Color

Engineered to stay true over time, colors are backed by a 50-Year Limited Fade & Stain Warranty. Choose from plentiful hues ranging from rich browns to grays and natural hardwoods like mahogany.

Wood Character

Natural, hardwood look, but this decking is 100% PVC (both in the core and surface). Diverse grain options including intricate, wire-brushed looks offer elegant style.

Be Carefree

Sturdy capping keeps your decks aesthetic beauty by repelling scratches, dents, and even insects. Relax, knowing your deck can take anything.

Seamless Design Integration

Available in either standard, narrow or wide-width boards, which allow you to create a variety of sophisticated looks, whether seen up close or from afar.

Better Protection

Proprietary Alloy Armour Technology a special capping that protects the boards on all four sides empowers TimberTech AZEK to stand the test of time by resisting moisture and its corrosive effects.

Solid Underfoot Feel

A flat, full profile bottom offers strength and a more solid feel underfoot, similar to traditional lumber.

Evergrain Composite Lumber

Envision EverGrain®

EverGrain sets the standard in composite decking with its deep-grain and solid color options. Featuring timeless textures and a pronounced pattern, this uncapped decking captures the essence of natural wood.

Premium Quality

Crafted using our exclusive Compress Technology™, EverGrain has been trusted on homes, commercial properties, and public places for more than 20 years.

Non-Repeating Grains

Authentic deep grains are compressed into the board for naturally random patterns that don’t repeat.

Low Maintenance

Once your Envision deck is installed, you can relax. No worrying about sanding, staining, sealing, or splinters.


Our manufacturing process creates a board resistant to staining, splintering, cracking, insects, and rot.

Three Great Decking Products to Meet Your Needs

Envision EverGrain® (Good)

Made with an exclusive compression molding process that creates deep grain beauty in a strong board with outstanding durability and consistency. EverGrain decking requires no staining or painting and is available in beautiful colors to complement any home.

  • All Envision deck boards are (7/8” x 5 ½”): 1″ x 6″
  • Width options: 3 1/2″ | 5 1/2″ | 7 1/4″
  • Square shouldered lengths: 12′ | 16′ | 20′
  • Grooved lengths: 12′ | 16′ | 20′
  • Skirting (1/2″ x 8 x 12’): 12′

TimberTech AZEK® Harvest Collection (Better)

Effortless style and classic beauty. Featuring soft calming tones and traditional cathedral wood-grain embossing that enhances your relaxing outdoor oasis.

  • All Harvest deck boards are 1″ x 5 1/2″
  • Width options: 3 1/2″ | 5 1/2″ | 7 1/4″
  • Square shouldered lengths: 16′ | 20′
  • Grooved lengths: 12′ | 16′ | 20′
  • Fascia (1/2″ x 11 3/4″): 12′

TimberTech AZEK® Vintage Collection (Best)

With versatile design choices, available in narrow, standard, and wide widths. This Designer Series has both subtle and dramatic highlights connecting the comfortable look and feel of inside with durability that outlasts the rest.

  • All Vintage deck boards are 1″ thickness
  • Width options: 3 1/2″ | 5 1/2″ | 7 1/4″
  • Square shouldered lengths: 16′ | 20′
  • Grooved lengths: 12′ | 16′ | 20′
  • Fascia (1/2″ x 11 3/4″): 12′