Preparing Your Home for a Major Storm

With storm season ramping up, it’s time for New Jersey residents to start considering how they can prepare their homes for tropical storms, hurricanes and severe weather.

When strong winds and heavy rain are approaching, often times our first instinct is to make sure the inside of our home is prepared.  You should try to have three days of bottled water, an emergency kit, canned goods and other easy-to-store necessities. But what about protecting your home’s exterior? It’s essential to take preventive measures outside to help reduce the potential for damage.

5 Quick Tips to Protect Critical Areas

1. Look for leaks and weak spots in your roof, windows, siding and basement. If there’s time, call a professional to replace or repair the damage.

2. To protect your siding and windows, remove debris and secure items such as trashcans, potted plants, decorations or lawn furniture around your home.

3. To protect your roof, ensure that branches and trees around your home are well-maintained and safely remove any dead branches before storms hit.

4. If you have heavy shutters for your windows, close them before the storm reaches you. If you don’t have shutters and have time before the storm, consider nailing plywood over windows and glass doors for protection.

5. Clear loose and clogged rain gutters and direct downspouts away from your home. This helps prevent water from building up and causing flooding.

If your roof, siding or windows suffer storm damage, know that the Seashore Construction team always has your back. Get in touch to schedule an estimate, and most of all, stay safe!