Protect Your Roof from Summer Storms

Seashore Construction is ready to ensure your roof is storm ready.

Hurricane season hasn’t even hit its full stride yet, but you’ve probably already noticed the increase in storms over the last few weeks. That means that there are likely more powerful storms coming between now and November. As you take preventative steps to protect your home from damage, make sure not to overlook your roof.

Nothing can be as secretly damaging to a home as water. Water can rot and ruin without much evidence until it’s too late. From nasty smells, to discolored ceilings, to irreparable harm to the structure of your home, storms can lead to serious water damage if your roof isn’t in the best shape.

Also keep in mind, that as the storms we experience intensify, so will the winds that those storms bring. Temporary fixes or slightly damaged shingles can easily turn into major failures that don’t divert water as they’re supposed to. And worst of all, unless you’re spending a lot of time on your roof, you may not realize this is happening.

The Seashore Team is here to help with your roof this summer. We’ll make sure your roof is storm ready and prepared to stand up to years of wind and rain.

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