How New Windows Can Benefit You

Did you know that replacing your windows can save you money on your heating and cooling costs? It’s true, and here’s why you should replace those old windows with new windows as soon as possible:

Single vs. Double-Pane

Older windows are usually only made of a single pane of glass. This allows the heat outside to slip into your home and the cool air inside to slip out. Seashore uses some of the best double-pane windows available. These windows use two panes of glass that block more heat and keep more of that expensive air-conditioned coolness inside.

Frame and Construction

Older windows are also often made with materials that do not insulate well like aluminum. Not to mention rickety old windows are notoriously drafty where age or just bad construction create loose panes and gaps that allow the cool air to drift out of your home. The modern windows we use are crafted by expert manufactures and designed to be more efficient with fiberglass frames.


The way your windows are installed can make all the difference when it comes to energy savings during the summer and winter. When windows aren’t properly installed, there are often gaps and spaces that need to be filled to prevent drafts. The window installation experts at Seashore know how to install your windows in a way that minimizes these spaces and then will properly seal and insulate any gaps.
Ready to upgrade your windows and take advantage of the energy savings? Get in touch today.