Two Major Reasons Your Heating Bill is So High

Your windows are letting heat out and cold in.

As we get closer to the end of 2020, you’re probably thinking about colder weather and that hefty heating bill. But there are two things you can change today to lower those heating costs and keep your home warm and cozy more affordably!

Old Windows

Windows have been an important fixture in our homes pretty much since man raised the first wall. But for a long time, windows were small for practical reasons of production and price. While windows today are much bigger, it’s taken some time to figure out a way to keep the cold out with nothing but thin glass and rickety wood between outside and inside.

Modern, insulated windows are designed to prevent heat loss with double layers of glass and modern materials used in the window frame itself. This double layer of glass lowers the conductivity of your windows, helping you keep your house warm without having to sacrifice the view.

Old Seals

We’re not talking about the aquatic mammals here. The mortar and caulk used to seal the spaces around your windows, even when applied by professionals, does often begin to fail over time. Depending on how well the windows were installed, over the years the seal around your windows can fail and lead to drafty conditions as well as moisture getting into those spaces. It’s frustrating to sit by a closed window and feel a draft, but it’s worse to sit by a closed window and see mold growing in your wall!

Trust the Professionals

The Seashore Construction team can help you replace your windows fast and get you ready for winter. Our team will determine what products will suit your needs best, install new windows and make sure they’re sealed well to last as long as possible. Contact the Seashore Construction team today!