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3 Things to Inspect on Your Roof Before the End of Summer

Before the summer is over, these are the three things you need to be checking out on your roof!


Some of the worst storms on the East Coast have commonly occurred during the later part of hurricane season, from August to October. And with the blazing days of July, and the sudden severe thunderstorms that have crept up over the summer, your shingles may not be prepared for the height of hurricane season. Before the summer ends it’s a good idea to check out your roof for loose or missing shingles, along with any shingle debris in your gutters.


Skylights are beautiful and can be a major plus in your home, but they can also be a major vulnerability if not installed correctly or after years of wear. Keep an eye on skylights for water damage that may look like discoloration, cracked plaster, mold or full drips.


You should be checking your gutters periodically through the year, but clearing them before fall weather starts to send a deluge of leaves from every direction is important. You should clear any large debris or leaves from your gutter and ensure there is nothing growing if it’s been a while since you maintained them. Clearing them now will help with runoff from potential severe storms between now and the end of hurricane season and prepare for the leaves that come with cooler weather.

If your roof is missing shingles or shingle debris is in your gutter, your roof may be compromised. Contact Seashore Construction for an estimate for a new roof and ensure your home is protected from heavy rains.