3 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Summer Storms

Hurricane season officially began on June 1st, so it’s time to make sure your home is prepared for all types of storms this summer. These often-overlooked preparations can make a big difference when it matters most!

1 | Clear dead branches, trim trees and clean your gutters.

One of the first steps in protecting your home is ensuring that trees on or near your property won’t cause damage. Leaves can clog your gutters leaving heavy rain to drip over your eaves, potentially causing water damage to your roof, walls and most importantly your foundation. Untrimmed trees and dead branches can be easily knocked down onto your home or even blown into windows. So, clearing these is a sure step toward storm preparedness.

2 | Move valuables and important mementos to safe and protected areas in your home.

If you’ve been storing important documents or valuables in your basement or attic, you should be aware that unpredictable weather can cause leaks or flooding that may lead to serious damage. Moving these items to more secure locations or investing in waterproof storage containers will help them stay protected.

3 | Inspect your roof, windows and siding regularly and replace if needed.

Your roof, along with your windows and siding, act as a coat of armor when summer storms roll through. It’s important to inspect your roof, windows and siding regularly, usually once in the fall and once in the spring/early summer. If you notice damaged shingles, broken siding or leaky windows, it’s time to get in touch with professionals who can replace them.

Contact the Seashore Construction team today if you’ve noticed roof, siding or window damage and protect your home this storm season!