3 Signs It’s Time for New Windows

Have your windows seen better days? Don’t wait until there’s damage – keep an eye out for these signs that you should replace your windows ASAP.

1. Jamming

When your windows get old, they’re likely to start having issues with balance. When the balance is off, this often means the unbalanced friction will be heavy in one area and as the window opens, it will catch and jam. Moisture can also cause swelling, rust, mold or rot that can also lead to jamming. When your windows won’t open easily (or worse, at all) it’s time to replace them.

2. Noticeable Drafts

A drafty house is not a comfortable house, and aside from that, it is an expensive house. As your windows get older, their seals often end up damaged. This can lead to noticeable drafts that can make a temperature-controlled room hot or cold depending on the season. Your heating and cooling systems need to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home resulting in higher energy bills.

3. Structural or Superficial Damage

If you have noticeable damage to the structure of your home or the area around your window, that’s a good indicator that your window is not keeping moisture our of your home. If you notice the musty smell of water damage, decaying wood or damaged and discolored drywall around your windows, it’s time to give Seashore Construction a call.

If your windows aren’t doing their job and protecting your home, we can help. Get in touch today to schedule an estimate!