When’s the Best Time to Upgrade Your Shore Home’s Exterior?

The best time to upgrade your shore home’s exterior depends on your unique situation, as well as the specifications around the improvements you plan to make. But here are some general guidelines that can help you decide when it’s time for a new roof, windows, siding, or deck.

Aim for Off-Peak Season in Tourist-Heavy Areas

If your shore home is in a tourist-heavy area, it’s generally best to avoid making major renovations during the peak summer months, especially if you plan to rent your home out for a period. Some renovations may take time to complete, leaving you or your renters unable to use the home for the duration of the project. Not to mention, the noise and disturbance might not be appreciated by your neighbors and visitors alike.

Plan Ahead

You should also note that depending on your local regulations, getting permits for certain renovations might take time. Factor in the time required for paperwork and approvals and plan these projects sooner rather than later to ensure contractor availability during the season that best fits your needs, your location, and your home.

Ideal Timeframe

In the Jersey Shore region, fall to early spring is the ideal period for upgrading your shore home’s exterior. Choosing this off-peak season for renovations ensures the property is ready for the bustling summer and holiday seasons, enhancing the home’s curb appeal just in time for guests and renters. Not to mention, addressing exterior issues in the fall prevents winter damage!

Choose Local Contractors

The Seashore Construction team has been helping Jersey Shore homeowners since 1983! We’re in the know about all local regulations and weather patterns and can help you plan your shore house roofing, siding, or window project at the ideal time.

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