Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait for a New Roof

If you’re considering replacing your roof, here are a few reasons you need to act now rather than later!

Water Damage Happens Fast

Your roof is made to keep the weather outside and away from the structurally important parts of your home. When water continually finds its way into your home, especially if it’s not causing obvious cosmetic problems, it can turn wooden framing to mush and lead to mold in your insulation. This could seriously jeopardize your home and your health!

Eliminate Worry

Nothing can make life as miserable as those tiny doubts that can eat away at us. When you’re constantly thinking about water damage because you keep finding shingles on your lawn after storms, it can be overwhelming. Installing a new roof now will buy you more than just new shingles; it also buys you peace of mind.

Getting Ahead of Problems

If you know your roof is at or beyond its original life expectancy and your original warranty has long expired, acting sooner rather than later can ensure you get ahead of any issues that may be on the horizon. Like we said, water damage can happen fast so a bit of proactive action can go a long way to easing future headaches.

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