The Risks of Hiring a Contractor Without Insurance

Hiring an uninsured contractor can leave you at risk for damages and more.

When you choose an uninsured contractor one of the major risks you run is being financially responsible if damages occur due to accidents while the team is on-site. For example, if a contractor you hired accidentally smashes your neighbor’s window as they move a ladder while replacing your roof, you can wind up responsible for covering the expense. An insured contractor will be able to use their coverage to pay for the damages rather than those costs falling on you.

Every contractor must also have a worker’s compensation policy in place that protects employees from injury at a jobsite. If your roofing contractor does not have a policy in place and the employee hurts themselves on your property, you might be liable for their injury.

Aside from accidents while a team is on-site, any injury that occurs after a project is complete can also fall on your shoulders if the contractor is not insured. For example, if you hire an uninsured contractor to build a new deck and the deck collapses due to poor construction the responsibility of hospital bills for those involved and more can wind up on your shoulders.

You should always ask a contractor about their insurance before you commit to hiring them. Accidents happen, and an insured contractor is prepared for that.

One of the great benefits of choosing Seashore Construction for your roofing, siding and window projects is the fact that we are a licensed and insured contractor. Contact our team today!