Should You Replace Your Roof or Siding First?

If the spring weather has you ready for a remodel but you’re not sure where to start, we have some tips to help you figure it out.

Replace Both at the Same Time

The exterior of your home is made up of three components – roof, windows and siding, in what is considered the exterior building envelope. While it may seem like a big upfront cost, the reality is that these components work together as a system to protect the outside of your home.

When considering replacing one over the other, there are some parts of the job that overlap such as proper window flashing installation techniques that tie into the siding, roof flashings that tie into the siding, and even roof/siding flashing points that help direct water into your gutters. These examples show just how important it is for all components to work together.

What is More Important?

If it’s not in your budget to replace both at the same time, the first thing to consider is what is more important to the structure and safety of your home. Siding issues can certainly lead to structural damage, but a leaky roof is far more likely to lead to serious issues. A roof project may be the better option to start with because of how much it can affect your comfort and energy savings as well.

If you know your home is going to need a new roof, new siding or both, the Seashore team can help. Contact our team today for an estimate.