Preparing your Home for Autumn

Replace those problem areas in your home with Seashore’s expertise.

When the outer protections of your home – like your roof, siding, or windows – start to fail, you can run into major problems with your home’s structure and your heating bill.

A bad roof not only lets water in, leading to discoloration and mold, it can also seriously compromise the structure of your home. The same goes for your siding and windows. Bad siding and windows can lead to water damage that is much harder to spot as it leaks into your foundation or compromises the integrity of your walls. And then there’s the excessive heating costs that old drafty windows can lead to as they let the chilling winds into your home and your expensive heat out.

Contact us today by scheduling your free estimate to ease into the cooler weather, replace those problems areas in your home, and get ready to enjoy every season in comfort!