Our 2020 Top Picks for Modern Siding Trends

Seashore Construction team creates beautiful, timeless, and durable exteriors for your home.

As far as houses go, first impressions matter… a lot. So, don’t let your home lose value by not keeping up with the latest trends in siding and exteriors!

Whether you just want to refresh your home’s look, add to the resale value of your house, or replace damaged siding, it’s important to know what’s popular right now. Here are our top picks for 2020 trends in modern siding –


This one is less of a trend and more of a constant – your siding needs to be durable! Your home’s exterior is your first line of defense from wind and rain and the damage they can cause, both structurally and cosmetically to your house. So, opt for durable materials that will stand up to the elements as well as time.


Whether it’s your bathroom, your kitchen, or the shed in your back yard, color is an important part of your home design. So, when it comes to choosing siding for your house, it’s good to know what colors are currently popular and what might stay popular in the future. At the moment, cool neutral shades, richer hues, and high-contrast accenting are the most sought after looks in home exteriors. Combining light and dark colors – for example, grey siding with bright, white trim – is particularly popular without being so trendy that it will quickly lose its appeal.


Too much texture can be problematic in modern design because it seems outdated to many people. But the truth is, the right texture can make your home’s exterior much more interesting without being too distracting. Adding textured accents to some areas of your home’s exterior is popular right now and a great way to catch the eye. Keep in mind, especially in a shore town, some textures (like cedar shingles) never really go out of style!

Siding Width

Right along with texture, the width of your siding can add quite a bit of curbside appeal when done in the right way. Popular widths in siding change often, but an interesting and appealing recent trend is to combine different widths of siding to create interest and a rustic vibe to your home.

If you’re looking to update or replace your siding, the Seashore Construction team can create beautiful, timeless, and durable exteriors for your home.