Make Sure Your Home is Ready for Winter

Is Your Home Prepared for Blustery Winds?

We’re still a few weeks away from the official start of winter on December 21st and now is a good time to make sure your home is ready for whatever the season might have in store for us. The major forecasters are already making their predictions for what things will look like this winter. Here are our tips for weathering this winter season.

Get Ready To Keep Warm

Although some predictions show we may be in store for a milder winter than the norm, that doesn’t mean it will be warm. Even if we don’t get the usual arctic blasts that bring winter temperatures way down, you should still prepare for cold weather and expect to have the heat on!

So, how do you make sure your home heating is ready? First, service your heaters and ensure your fireplaces are clean and clear. Second, make sure you’re not losing valuable heat to old, drafty windows. Old windows don’t have the insulating abilities of modern windows which means heat can easily escape. Replace those old windows ASAP to make sure you’re not letting cold air in.

Snow, Wind and Rain

You might remember that last year was a very dry, mild winter with very little snow. Although forecasters are still calling for less snow than usual this winter, they’re calling for much more than last year. And even without the snow, you can always expect wet weather and blustery winter winds. Your roof is often the most exposed part of your house and protects you from these conditions. So, get the snow shovels out and make sure your roof is ready!

Need an estimate on those windows or a new roof? Seashore Construction has your back this season. Get in touch today and make sure your home is ready for winter weather.