Good News to Start the Year

We love helping good people love their home.

To say that things are strange right now is an understatement, but we believe kindness will always help center and focus humanity. Caring for our fellow human beings is the greatest service we can undertake and one of the best ways to honor the New Jersey communities we are proud to be a part of. So, we wanted to share this bit of good news to hopefully brighten up your inbox and inspire you at a time when negativity seems to be everywhere.

Our mission at Seashore revolves around our belief in the old cliché that your home and your heart are linked. We love being able to help good people love their homes. That’s why we knew we had to act when New Jersey local, John O’Kane, reached out to us to help save his parent’s home.

Giving Back to Two Incredible New Jersey Residents

The roof in the O’Kane home was leaking so bad that it was causing damage to the structure of the house, resulting in unhealthy conditions due to mold and essentially leaving rooms unlivable. John’s dad was a high school teacher who spent more than thirty years teaching and coaching, serving his community. But now retired, both he and his wife are facing serious health issues and were unable to afford the repairs to the roof.

When we heard about the situation from John we decided to give back to Mr. and Mrs. O’Kane, two incredible New Jersey residents who have done so much for their community. So, our crew installed a new roof and new soffit and fascia over the course of a two-day project in December for free. The O’Kane family are incredible people, and we were beyond proud to be in a position to help them and we hope this donation helps them feel at home in their house again. You can read more about this heartwarming story in the Press of Atlantic City.

In these strange times, we want to remind you that kindness and care are the best things we as humans can share with one another. And that it’s up to us to do our best to make the positive changes we want to see in our communities. We truly hope we can continue to help and serve our New Jersey community for a long time to come.

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