Spring Renovation Checklist

Are You Ready for Spring?

This checklist from Seashore Construction will help you get your home ready for warmer weather!

1 | Your Deck and Outdoor Spaces

Are your outdoor spaces ready to become a part of your life again? With outdoor socializing likely to be a major aspect of the spring and summer seasons this year, you need to make sure that your outdoor spaces are comfortable. It’s time to update or expand your outdoor entertainment areas with a beautiful new deck or deck renovation.

2 | Your Roof

You know the old saying about April showers, but spring rains don’t limit themselves to a single month. Rains can make things very wet all the way from March until May. And storms can bring heavy winds. Don’t wait until wind makes a leaky roof worse during the dampest months of the year. Get that old roof replaced while you have a chance.

3 | Your Windows

As the weather warms and you spend more days with the windows open rather than with the heat on, remember that soon, those windows will be closed again as you crank up the AC during summer. The spring months are a great time to ensure you’re not wasting money cooling a house with windows that let the cool air out and the stagnant heat in. Replace those old windows while it’s comfortable to do so and before you have to turn on the AC.

4 | Get in touch with Seashore Construction

Seashore can help you with all of these spring renovations, so let’s talk about what we can do for you.