3 Ways Winter Weather Can Affect Your Roof

As winter weather strengthens its grip on the region, it’s good to understand the way cold, wind and snow can affect your home, especially your roof! Your roof is one of the most exposed parts of your house. And damage to your roof can come from even subtle weather events.

1. Ice Damming

When snow melts on your roof it’s supposed to drip towards the eaves and gutters. But if there is a sudden freeze overnight, the melt can refreeze, damming up the normal flow and leading to icicles and ice formations that can tear down gutters, shingles and eaves.

2. Winter Winds

Gusty winds are no joke and can lead to serious damage to your roof. Without leafy trees to dampen some gusts, your home’s shingles may be more vulnerable, especially as cold weather can increase the chance of broken shingles.

3. Snow and Ice Accumulation

Not only can bad winter weather devastate a morning commute, it can also totally destroy an old or damaged roof. Heavy snow accumulations, especially wet and heavy snow or snow with freezing rain, pose a risk of creating sags in your roof, damage to your walls and even a total roof collapse. And heavy, icy snowpacks sliding down your roof can be a danger to anyone below and pull shingles down with them.

If you’re experiencing roofing issues from winter weather, Seashore is here to help – contact our team today!