3 Design Tips for a Modern Porch Remodel

What could be better than enjoying a summer day on your outdoor porch? Whether you choose to spend time with family, relax in your favorite rocking chair or just enjoy the view, a porch can provide a sense of comfort and make a major impact on your home’s overall appearance and functionality. Not to mention, the right porch design can add value to your home. If you’re considering a porch remodel, here are three design tips to consider:

1. Unite the Porch With Your Home’s Exterior

A front porch should tie into your home’s overall architectural style and design, creating a smooth transition. Otherwise, it could feel like an afterthought instead of a natural addition to your home’s exterior. Choose a porch size and shape that complements your home’s façade and the size of your yard.

2. Carefully Decide on Porch Materials

The porch materials you choose will not only affect your design aesthetics—they can also impact how much time and money you spend on maintaining it. For example, traditional wood has historically been a popular porch-building material, but it can be vulnerable to moisture and the elements, often requiring costly maintenance. Choosing more modern, low-maintenance materials from TimberTech® and AZEK® can significantly improve the long-term value.

3. The Beauty Is in the Details

When designing your porch, details such as the ceiling, railings, and architectural elements such as trim, framings, molding, and column wraps make all the difference when it comes to overall appearance. Instead of traditional wood, consider adding elegant PVC trim which gives the appearance of real wood but is far more durable.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your porch, contact the Seashore team today to get started!